Zignal Labs Schedule & Event Reporting


Schedule & Event Reporting Feature

august - October 2017

Interaction Design, UI/Visual Design, UX Research, and Usability testing

links to prototypes:
Schedule reports
Event Reports

Zignal Labs

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The Project // Schedule & Event Reporting

A report is used to share insights from the platform with the use of widgets. It can easily be shared via email as a PDF or a PNG file. Previously, users were only able to send one report at a time. As more people used the reporting feature, we found new use cases arising such as daily reporting and event tracking - reports on a reoccurring basis and in the future. This was created to enable users and their stakeholders to spend less time creating reports and spend more time reading and analyzing reports.


The problem

Previously, users were only able to set up one-time reports. If a user wanted to send a daily report, they would have to go to the Reports section and select their recipients everyday. There was no option to schedule reports in the future. There is also no option to set up a report for a specified date range. 

the goal

To allow the user to set up reports on a recurring basis and for future events. 


The process

We gathered all the feedback from current users to prioritize the features for schedule reporting. The most frequent use case was for daily automated reports. In addition to daily automated reports, we added weekly and monthly as additional options. Upon use case discovery, users were also asking for event reporting for specific events and for future dates. 


Previous Design

New Design


Pain point with the previous design

  • Use cases that were not supported
    • Automated reporting on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis
    • Event based reporting
    • Customized report dates and time
    • Sending reports at specific times
    • Sending reports at hourly intervals
  • Inefficient use of time setting up reports





features of the new design

  • Schedule Reports
    • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly reporting available
    • Select a time for the report to be sent
    • Set up of future reports
  • Event Reports
    • Start and End date picker along with start and end time
    • Users are able to choose multiple times for the report to be sent
    • Summary including the number of reports you will receive during the selected time frame
    • New design: in-line success message. To inform the user that the report is scheduled and when he/she will receive the first report
    • Set up of future reports



view schedule reporting prototype
view event reporting prototype


Users were excited about the release of Schedule Reports but it didn't quite fit all use cases. Many users had asked for the ability to choose specific dates for their reports- they wanted more customization.  Since this use case was not supported by Schedule Reports, we decided to add an Events section to the schedule/send as email reports panel (mockups above). Schedule and Event reporting is a great solve for the reporting needs of our users. But ideally for the future, we would include full customization of sending out reports; including choosing specific days of the week and adding additional times.