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Through real-time and predictive analysis of the full media spectrum, Zignal Labs' centralized platform empowers corporate communications, marketing and executive teams to understand trends, pinpoint issues and make informed decisions. 

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July 2017 – November 2017

Interaction Design, UI/Visual Design, and UX Research

Create SHARED Dashboard Link
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The project // public dashboard link

Enabling the sharing of dashboards to people who don't have a Zignal Labs account in a seamless and secure way.

The problem

A few of the problems that occurred with the lack of visibility to dashboards:

  • Users cannot easily share insights with their team, manager, and c-suite
  • Unable to share realtime insights
  • Dashboard visualizations could not be integrated in a user's own internal reporting system

the goal

To allow users to create a dashboard link that can be securely shared to external users.  


The process

Most of the feedback came from current customers who were asking for a way to share insights found on our platform with other people on their team- who were not Zignal users. At the start of this project I had a few questions: 

  • How long do we allow the user to share a dashboard? 
  • Besides users sharing the dashboard link with other team members, are there any other use cases for this feature?
  • Where do we manage and view these generated public dashboard links? And what are the mandatory elements when managing these links?
  • What would the dashboard look like for a non-Zignal user?
  • What happens to the link when it expires? Is it automatically removed or should we allow the user to delete the dashboard link herself? What does the shared dashboard look like when it has expired?

After discussing with the Product Manager about the requirements and about the additional questions that I had, we decided that the feature will include a 2-step modal (for custom dashboard link creation) under dashboard settings and a manage dashboard links page under the Campaign Settings tab.


public Dashboard link creation

manage dashboard links



features of the new design

A user can share any dashboard by generating a custom link under dashboard settings. The user will choose the date range for the dashboard and choose when the link will expire. Once that has been decided, a custom link will be generated and given to the user to share with external people. The user can manage all dashboard links in campaign settings. From there, the user can access the original dashboard, the shared custom dashboard link, able/enable link access, copy link, etc. 

This new feature opens up new possibilities including:

  • Seamless sharing of information - allowing our users to show Zignal Labs data to their team and increasing the chance of adoption of Zignal Labs across
    the entire organization
  • Helping marketing use-cases by sharing access to Industry Dashboards to generate more leads
  • Enable our sales team to create links that they can share with CMOs and CCOs at large enterprises to raise awareness on Zignal Labs and demonstrate our platform's capabilities

View Create shared dashboard link prototype
View Dashboard Link Settings prototype