Learning Equality



January 2015– Present 
User Experience/Visual Design Intern

Tablet + Web User Interface Design
Axure, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
Paper Mock-ups, Low + High Fidelity Prototypes, and Weekly Team Meetings


Learning Equality is  committed to enabling universal access to high quality open educational resources, and creating tools that empower communities to author and share their own content. Learning Equality believes in a universal education, which means that anyone, anywhere--online or offline--can access it.  To provide offline education to those in need, Learning Equality has created the KA Lite application, an offline version of Khan Academy.

As a User Experience Design Intern, I am currently working
on re-designing features on KA Lite. My work includes creating a new sidebar navigation, collaborating with fellow interns to create a syncing/updating content feature, designing promotional materials, and participating in weekly  sync up
and team meetings.


KA Lite currently only syncs via the internet, but we want to be able to sync via online, peer to peer, and via local storage (usb). To address this issue me and my  team are working on a syncing/updating feature for the KA Lite application. This feature introduces the ability for users to update the latest videos, language packs, and software. Since KA Lite currently only updates via the internet, we wanted to create a seamless and intuitive process to update from other sources. The ability to  update  from various sources can increase  the use of KA Lite and expand KA Lite to more users through content sharing.  This is an important feature for the KA Lite application being that it is very difficult for our offline users to keep updated with our content and software. 

This feature has been a challenging design problem in the way that there is a lot of use case scenarios to be accounted for. I took on the challenge of designing the interface for video updates of this particular feature.  Collectively as a team, we decided that the syncing/updating feature should be as similar to the sidebar navigation as possible. 
(The following use cases refer to updating content from a 'Peer to peer' method)


Use case: Choose to download an entire subject or specific lessons from other students' devices


                                        (DOWNLOADING MODAL)
USE CASE: The user wants to view all the content he/she is downloading at the moment. In this download modal the user can see how much storage an individual piece of content  takes up and where the content downloading from. Only one download at a time. the User has the ability to cancel each individual download or to cancel all of the downloads. 

                                          (DOWNLOADED MODAL)
USE CASE: The User wants to view all the downloaded content. The user can see how much storage the specific piece of content takes up and where it originated. The user also has the ability to 'remove' or clear the downloaded history. 

Use caseChoose a device to connect to in order to export content/information. The user is able to see how much storage is in a particular device

Use case: Choosing specific content and material to export

After the user chooses what content he/she wants to be downloaded to his/her device, the content will be imported to a queue in which the user can see the content ready to be downloaded. If the user chooses to download all the content under a specific topic and wants to remove a few  videos or PDF's, he/she can do so in the queue.  Selected content is downloaded from the queue.  Our team is currently working on implementing a queue and designing the interface for updating language packs and the latest software. 

This project has been quite a design challenge but a great learning experience as well.  There is a lot of content to incorporate and a lot of use cases to consider
 for this feature . The most challenging aspect of this feature is having to design for users that are remote. Learning Equality is currently  implementing a UX Research team to better understand the needs of our remote users . As a member of the UX Research team I hope to find innovative methods to test and improve upcoming features for KA Lite.