Excursion is an ad platform for augmented reality applications. It is a platform for both advertisers who want to promote their business and for stakeholders (publishers) who want to monetize their application/business. I was approached to design their sign up flow, account creation, and dashboard view for both advertisers and publishers on a web application. The goals of this project was to establish the look and feel of the platform, to create an easy on-boarding experience for both primary user groups, and to design a simple dashboard.  


october 2017 - december 2017


Advertiser - sign up + dashboard
Publisher - sign up + Dashboard


The Process

I was approached to help design the web app experience of Excursion since they already had a working prototype of their AR app. I worked closely with the co-founder, Ambuj Punn, to narrow down the steps in the sign up process, fine tune the user flow on the platform, and to figure out which stats would be the most important to display on the dashboard.



We just wanted to focus on gathering necessary information from users to keep the sign up flow as quick and simple as possible. The sign up flow for Advertisers is shown below and the sign up flow for Publishers can be viewed with this link. 

Sign Up Long Flow_Advertisers.png

Dashboard // account settings

To avoid overwhelming the user, I made the dashboard minimal while keeping important information - impressions, views, clicks, clicks over time, and money spent. Impressions and views are fairly similar so they may be taken out during implementation phase. Along with the sign up flow, I wanted to reduce excess content to focus on the important information. A few of the screens from Dashboard for Advertisers is seen below. Click here to view all the screens along with the dashboard for Publishers.

Dashboard View Long_Advertisers.png

view advertiser sign up and dashboard prototype
view publisher sign up and dashboard prototype

The Excursion web app is currently being developed.