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Comet Labs



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October 2015

Brand, Visual, and Web Designer

Illustrator, Sketch, and Powerpoint

Web Design, Brand Design, Deck Design, and Conceptualization


Comet Labs

Comet Labs is a machine intelligence & robotics accelerator program established in San Francisco. I was brought on to help with conceptualizing their brand and creating materials such as their logo, style guide, deck design, website design, and business cards. The theme that Comet Labs was gearing toward was minimalistic and progressive with the use of abstract shapes. 



Style guide

After brainstorming with the team, we decided on a vibrant color scheme of magenta, coral, and purple. They are powerful colors and stand out while staying in line with the theme of the company. Elements for the website are included here.

Style Guide.png

 Business cards

Business Card.png



The logo went through multiple rounds of iteration before we settled on our final decision. I started by incorporating both elements of the name into the logo. We then decided to go for a more minimal design and concept - focusing more on the comet aspect of the name. Then we started discussing what the company was doing and how we would represent that with a symbol. Since Comet Labs is a machine intelligence & robotics accelerator, we thought the best symbol to represent this was a brain. I played with different ways to visualize the brain symbol, focusing on keeping it minimalistic. 



The end result is a symmetrical brain made of simple lines with an ombre that consisted of the core colors. Other versions include an all white and all black logo.




I created a presentation template that they could use for pitch decks, investor meetings, stakeholder meetings, company meetings, etc.




Here are mockups for their company website. Comet Labs wanted to introduce their accelerator program as well as include information about artificial intelligence. This is also where people would apply for the accelerator program. 

Comet Labs_Website.png