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Cellscope's mission is to make healthcare more accessible and convenient. They are building smart mobile tools to provide users with worry-free, convenient and effective healthcare. The first piece of hardware made by Cellscope is the Oto, which transforms your phone into a smart device that allows a user to see inside his family's ears to detect things such as ear infections.
Seymour by Cellscope is a mobile app that enables users to take at-home skin and ear exams and share with trusted doctors for an evaluation to your phone in under 2 hours. 

My role as the UX Design Intern was to work closely with the Design Lead, Engineers, Product Manager, and Marketing Manager to design an intuitive and simple experience for both our clinician and patient users. During my time, I completed a wide range of design work which included visual, interaction, UX research, and UX design.  I also worked with the lead UX Designer on the newly launched Seymour app.  

June 2015– November 2015

UX Design Intern - Khosla Ventures Design program

Sketch,, InVision, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Keynote

UX Design, User Research, Responsive Web Design, Marketing and Promotional Materials



Cellscope home page

I worked withe the Visual Designer on redesigning the user experience and the visual design of CellScope's website.




 Here are the different ideas I went through to get to the final logo design for the Seymour app. Since the idea behind Seymour was instant care by the snap of a photo, I played around with the idea of using a camera and a medical briefcase as the foundation. I wanted to emphasis that this was a healthcare application so I brought that focus to the middle with a few different options ranging from the medical cross, to a heart, to band-aids. After circulating the designs with the team we decided on the camera and medical briefcase shape with the heart and medical cross in the middle. 

I also created Seymour's preview screens for the App Store



Direct platform APP + VIDEO

I designed the interactions for the Direct platform (for clinicians) on the Seymour app. I also helped put together this video for demos and for marketing.




I conducted UX interviews with our clinician users by asking them questions regarding our current application to better understand users' needs. Here are some excerpts that I gathered during sessions that helped us improve our designs.