Currently: San Diego Native + UCSD Senior
Goal: San Francisco + User Experience Designer  


A new chapter


It is slowly starting to hit me that my undergraduate career is coming to an end. No more cramming for midterms and late night study sessions, no more seeing my friends on a daily basis, no more sleeping in and being able to make my own schedule, and worst of all NO MORE SUMMERS :( Of course if I decide to go to get my Masters in HCI then I guess this will not be the end of all those things but still... it is the end of a very significant and an amazing part of my life. I am so grateful to have something lined up for when I graduate. A majority of my friends also have plans for after they graduate, however, a lot of them are staying in San Diego or moving elsewhere to start their post-grad lives. I have been so focused on securing a job for when I graduate college that I did not take the time to take advantage of San Diego this past quarter. As a San Diego native I feel like I took I took the city for granted: the perfect weather, the laid-back culture, and the multitude of events that took place every weekend. You really don't realize what you have until it's gone. That is why I want to utilize my last month here to absorb as much San Diego as I can. Besides anxiously awaiting my departure from San Diego, I reflect upon my time here and what I have accomplished during my undergraduate career. I think I am truly lucky to have find something that I love and able to pursue a career in something that I truly enjoy. To this point, I have done all my design positions with no pay. It does not feel like work to me. I enjoy solving problems through design. I think the field of UX is so amazing in the way that I can help others by making apps more intuitive and efficient whilst creating a piece of art that can be enjoyed by others. I do not know what I would have been doing with my post-grad life if I didn't take on the Human Computer Interaction degree but I hope that my story and my experiences helps at least one other aspiring designer.

I have learned so much in this past year about the UX design field and about myself. UX design has become a part of me. I am proud to be an aspiring User Experience Designer and I am excited for my future endeavors. This past year has greatly prepared me for the next step in my life journey and for my first step into the real world as a post graduate. One chapter of my life is coming to an end but another amazing chapter of my life is just beginning. 

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