Currently: San Diego Native + UCSD Senior
Goal: San Francisco + User Experience Designer  


if first you don't succeed, try 98423 more times

This is true for so many things--especially in design. But I am using this line to the post-grad struggle of applying to jobs and interviewing with multiple companies. It has been a very long, drawn out journey for my job search and I find it difficult to keep my head up at times. There was a point I was talking to a few companies interested in taking me as a summer intern. I made it past the first interview for all the companies and completed a design challenge with a few of them as well. I was beyond ecstatic that so many people were interested in me as potentially becoming their UX Design Intern. At one point I had a high-profile company verbally offer me a UX Design Internship... but in San Diego. I decided not to take it. I was excited to receive the offer but then part of me was disappointed that the job was in San Diego and not in San Francisco as I hoped. My friends think I am crazy to turn down such an offer--people would kill for to work for that company. Even though it was my dream job at one of my top choices, I could not go through it. I have my heart set on San Francisco. 

Soon after that, I heard back from the other companies I was talking to and unfortunately, I did not receive any offers from them. At that point I was devastated and wish I had originally accepted the opportunity to work for the high-profile company in San Diego because I thought that the I would not have anymore responses from companies. I am not going to lie, I shed a tear or two because I thought my months of stress and hard work was going to conclude in me being a jobless graduate. 

Two weeks later I had a few more companies reach out to me whom I had applied to in the prior months. All hope was not lost!!! I slowly re-gained my confidence as a designer and started to see the beginnings of my future career again. A few weeks into interviewing with places, I had received an internship offer at a start-up company in the SoMa area of San Francisco. I AM GOING TO SAN FRANCISCO!!! I cannot believe that I am going to start my dream career in my dream city. All of this will be happening in a few short months... It seems so surreal to me but everything I have done for the past year has led me to this moment here. Though I declined one of my top choices and have gotten a few rejections throughout my job search, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe it was a great thing that I did not accept that job offer in San Diego or else I would not have had the opportunity to intern in San Francisco. It is okay not to get my top choice now because I am still pretty new to the design field and I have a lot to learn and need more opportunities to grow. Everything happens for a reason, despite the outcome being good or bad. Every opportunity is a chance to grow. And I cannot wait for my opportunity to grow as a UX Designer in San Francisco :)

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