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Illustrator is my new best friend

I am getting more comfortable with the agency life  and getting my confident in my skills. I finished my first wireframe for a webpage today. It has to go through the first round of routing now. A little nervous about the feedback but that is to be expected after creating my first webpage wireframe. I am so use to making wireframes for apps rather than webpages. I was pretty slow at creating this wireframe but I think after today I will be a lot quicker and a lot better at making them. I have found my new favorite design application to use for wireframing and prototyping... Illustrator! Photoshop is very tedious to use--to move an object one must select that specific layer. Illustrator allows you to move objects around easily. But each program is used for specific needs. I came across an article that summarized the unique differences between the two: “Illustrator vs. Photoshop – Difference Between Adobe Designing Software.”
            Key Differences:

Though photoshop is mainly used to edit photos, many Designers use photoshop to create their designs. Personally, I like to use Illustrator. I have not quite mastered the layers within Photoshop so it is a bit frustrating for me to design using that particular program.  But every designer is different and has their own design program of choice.

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