Currently: San Diego Native + UCSD Senior
Goal: San Francisco + User Experience Designer  


Busy busy busy

My schedule has been very hectic this past week. I just started my Web Design Internship at ParkerWhite, been applying to a few dozen tech companies in the Bay Area, started my last quarter of classes at UCSD, and working night shifts at the service desk at the gym. Coffee has become my new best friend and the most necessary part of my day. 

It is always a bit intimidating and nerve-wracking to start a new job. You're meeting everyone for the first time and you are unfamiliar with the work process of the company. I am fortunate enough that the branding agency is a fairly small team made up of friendly and people who are very experienced in their positions. I think it is very beneficial to have a small team rather than to have an excess amount of people. Each individual is held accountable for their own specific role yet they all support each other. Learning about their work and routing process it makes sense to have a small team to be able to produce work in an efficient and effective manner. I did some edits on one of their client's white-paper (a downloadable PDF) and learned that every little detail, space, placement, etc. mattered a lot in design. I think I reiterated on this project about three or four times until I got the final product. Every time I made a new iteration it had to go through the routing process which included: my edits --> Senior Designer edits --> User Experience Designer edits --> Digital Strategist edits. From my edits I learned a few things to be aware of from now on as a Designer.

  • Pay attention to leading
  • Make sure the the text for paragraphs goes in and out (instead of being aligned)
  • If colors display well when printed, chances are that it will not appear well on the computer screen
  • Make sure to proofread!!! Especially before sending the design out

Very little detailed stuff but it does a long way. This will just add to my perfectionist tendencies. I think part of the reason why it takes me awhile to output designs is because I like to be precise and get down to the very little details. It is easier to spot mistakes than to spot good design--designers do not want to give clients a reason to turn away from his or her business. 

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