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How to Build a Website that Converts

One of my first big assignments as a Web Design Intern was to create an infographic of 'How to Build a Website that Converts.' I was given the necessary content to be encompassed in the infographic but the most challenging part is deciding how to format the given information and to present it in a visually appealing and intuitive manner. I am not going to lie, I was a little nervous when I was given this task because I have never designed an infographic before, but I knew I was capable of creating one. I looked at previous inforgraphics created by the designers here at ParkerWhite and I also browsed through Pinterest to get some inspiration. For the most part I had to adhere to the company's style guide so it made my job a little easier but it also stunted my creative freedom a bit. Throughout the design process of creating the infographic I realized that multiple iterations is necessary for all designers, regardless of what kind of designer you are--iteration is key to the design process. My infographic probably went through 5-6 rounds of iterations before it was published online. I am always a bit reluctant to give out my first design iteration because I have tendencies of a perfectionist. First iterations are the most crucial because they set the foundation for the design. Iterations are built upon the first design. Through my internships and through my school projects, I have come to realize that I cannot take constructive criticism personally. Rounds of iterations are crucial for design and I will always be receiving feedback. Constructive criticism is given for the sake of creating a better design. The more feedback a designer receives, the better the designer he or she will become. 

So after 5-6 iterations of my design... I present to you my first infographic!

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