Currently: San Diego Native + UCSD Senior
Goal: San Francisco + User Experience Designer  


Hi My Name is melinda...

The blogosphere is an unfamiliar territory for me but I wanted to document my journey as I take on my Web Design internship at ParkerWhite Brand Interactive and as I pursue my dream of moving to the Bay Area to work as a User Experience Designer. I will be sharing my experience as an intern, as a student, and as a soon-to-be graduate who is anxiously ready to enter the real world. To start, my name is Melinda Chu and I am a senior at University of California, San Diego studying Cognitive Science with a specialization in Human-Computer Interaction. I am a San Diego native who has a liking toward all things creative: art, typography, music, fashion, and photography just to name a few. Growing up and attending college in San Diego, I have grown accustomed to the 70 degree winters, the sea-salt infused air, and the laid back attitude. I think I have adapted to the casual attitude a little too much and find myself wanting more--wanting to be pushed and constantly challenged in my daily life. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love San Diego but as an aspiring User Experience Designer it is a bit challenging to find work and to find people who appreciate and understand the craft. It is understandable though, San Diego is not known for having many User Experience Designers. San Diego is great for engineers, researchers, and people in the medical field--but not the most popular destination for tech people. According to this infographic, the top three cities to work as  User Experience Designer are New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle. This perfectly aligned with my future career goals and post-grad plans. I wanted to move to the city to get a new experience and a fresh start while being able to pursue the career of my dreams. But being a California native, I find it very difficult to part ways with the west coast beaches and the amazing Mexican food. That is why I hope to work in San Francisco after I graduate. San Francisco and the Bay Area are known for their tech companies and have a vast amount of User Experience Designer positions available. I also love everything about the city. I have actually had my heart set on San Francisco for awhile; I have a map of San Francisco above my head to remind me everyday about my goal to move there upon graduating. Follow me on my journey of aspiring to start my dream career in a city that I love. 

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